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We will face every challenge with the torch of “unity, faith and organization”. Prime Minister

August 14, 2020

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that our nation fought the enmity, terrorism, natural calamities, epidemics of the neighboring country with courage and perseverance. Are ready to compete. In his message on Independence Day, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he congratulated the nation on Independence Day, a tribute to those who pledged to […]

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France announces more troops in the Eastern Mediterranean against Turkey

August 13, 2020

In the eastern Mediterranean, Turkey and Greece are at loggerheads over the search for natural gas and oil in disputed waters. Greece and Cyprus object to the fact that Turkish ships are exploring for gas and oil in the Eastern Mediterranean under Turkish Navy security.France supports Greece and Cyprus and opposes Turkey on this issue. […]

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In the West African country of Niger, armed assailants shot dead six French tourists

August 10, 2020

In the West African country of Niger, armed assailants shot dead six French tourists, killing a local guide and a driver. According to the international news agency, armed men riding a motorcycle hidden in the bushes indiscriminately opened fire on the car of a French NGO in the area of ​​rare giraffes located one hour […]

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Occupied Kashmir became part of the official map of Pakistan

August 4, 2020

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has released a political map of the country in which occupied Kashmir has been shown as part of Pakistan. Addressing the nation on state TV, the Prime Minister said that for the first time, a political map of the country is being released which reflects the aspirations of […]

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The High Court has ordered that India be re-offered to appoint a lawyer for Kulbhushan Yadav

August 3, 2020

A two-member special bench of the apex court comprising Chief Justice Athar Minullah and Justice Mian Gul Hassan Aurangzeb heard the government’s request to implement the decision of the International Court of Justice and appoint a lawyer for Kulbhushan Yadav. ۔ Attorney General Khalid Javed Khan appeared in the court on behalf of the federation. […]

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US dollar rises by Rs 4.8 in 4 days

June 2, 2020

KARACHI: The US dollar continued its gains against the Pakistani rupee at the start of trading on Tuesday. According to foreign exchange dealers, the dollar rose by Rs9.92 to Rs165 against the local unit in the interbank market. The greenback has gained Rs 4.8 against the rupee in four trading sessions. The rupee had closed […]

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The government insisted on allowing schools to reopen after Eid

May 19, 2020

KARACHI: The All Pakistan Private Schools Federation on Tuesday appealed to the government to allow reopening of schools from June 1 under the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). President Kashif Mirza expressed the view that keeping schools closed till July 15 is tantamount to enmity with education. He added that the closure of schools would make […]

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Chief Minister Bazdar banned official Iftar parties

April 25, 2020

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar on Saturday banned Iftar parties at government expense in the province, According to a notification, the ban will apply to all provincial ministers, secretaries and other officials. The Punjab Chief Minister said that the government would have to save every penny during the spread of Corona virus and would […]

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Ready to run 22 trains after lockdown ends on April 14. Sheikh Rashid

April 8, 2020

LAHORE: Federal Minister Sheikh Rashid on Wednesday said that Pakistan Railways is ready to resume operations on April 14 after the end of the lockdown on April 14 Addressing a press conference, Sheikh Rashid said that the lockdown in the country is unlikely to end on April 14, adding that if the lockdown ends, the […]

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FO rejects naughty Indian media reports

April 7, 2020

FO rejects ‘naughty’ Indian media reports linking Pakistan to Gurdwara attackISLAMABAD: The Foreign Office (FO) on Tuesday categorically rejected Indian media reports of “official encouragement” trying to link Pakistan to a terrorist attack on a Kabul gurdwara. Spokeswoman Ayesha Farooqi said in a statement that the attempt was “extremely naughty and reprehensible”. That places of […]

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