Three killed over resentment over threatening comments on Facebook

Police have arrested four suspects in connection with the killing of three people on the pretext of making threatening comments.

Three people were killed in Kahna area of ​​Lahore for making threatening comments, while according to police, four people involved in the murder have been arrested.

Police officials said that the accused had entered the house of the slain a few days ago and opened fire indiscriminately, as a result of which Yaqub, Shehzad and Kashif were killed on the spot. Was also seriously injured.
According to the police, the accused fled the scene after spreading fear and panic due to heavy firing. However, the investigating police priest arrested the accused with the help of modern technology. The arrested accused include Waqas alias Bala, Imtiaz, Reyast Ali and Imran alias Mani. Are

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