The country’s largest medicine market sank in sewage

KARACHI: The streets of the country’s largest wholesale medicine market at Densohall are submerged in sewage water.

Excavation of a sewerage line in the backyard of the Denso Hall building in Karachi is also a problem for market vendors and customers. Rainwater and sewage have not yet been drained from the streets of Madison Market. As a result, transportation in the medicine market is facing severe difficulties.

The market also supplies medicines and surgical items to cities across Sindh and Balochistan. The quality of medicines is also likely to be affected due to the filth and pollution in the market. According to vendors, the main road leading to Madison Market has been awaiting the attention of the authorities for several months.

The road was dug to lay a sewerage line for the Denso Hall building renovation project, but four months later the work was not completed and the carved road is now a death trap. During the rains, many motorcycles and vehicles sank in this pothole-like road and several shopkeepers and customers were also injured in the fall.

According to the shopkeepers, it is difficult to walk in the Madison market. The shopkeepers have made a place for themselves to pass by placing bricks and wooden planks and cartons. The delivery of medicines is also being affected due to sewage water in the streets. The movement of heavy vehicles is impossible and now it has become difficult for hand vehicles to move.

The shopkeepers have appealed to the Sindh government to repair the back lane of Denso Hall as soon as possible, complete the work of the sewerage line immediately, build a road and drain the sewage water from the inner streets of the market.

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