Protests over posting blasphemy on Facebook in India, three killed

BANGALORE: At least three people have been killed and several others injured in police firing on protests against a blasphemous Facebook post by a relative of a Congress leader in India.

According to the International News Agency, Naveen, a relative of a local Congress leader in Bangalore, posted an insulting post on Facebook, which caused a wave of outrage among Muslims. Citizens protested at the house of the Congress MLA and demanded the arrest of the person who posted it.

Residents of the area were enraged when the police showed impartiality on a sensitive issue and citizens surrounded the police station. Police used batons to disperse the crowd and opened fire, killing three people and injuring several others.

Police later claimed to have arrested the man who posted the controversial and provocative post

On the other hand, the Congress MLO in a video message promised to bring the person responsible to justice and appealed for peace. Ameer Shariat Maulana Saghir Ahmed of Karnataka has also instructed the citizens not to take the law into their own hands and said that those responsible will be punished severely.

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